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Precautions for using desktop small electric fans

Update:20 Oct
1. Read the instruction manual carefully, which is also a thing that must be done before using any electrical products safely.
2. Choose a safe socket for power supply for the electric fan.
3. After selecting the function, gently press or rotate the switch to avoid pressing two selection keys at the same time.
4. It is recommended to start the fan at the highest speed, and then select a suitable gear wind speed.
5. Perform dust removal and oil maintenance for the fan regularly.
6. If the fan is not used for a long time, storage should be done well.
7. Families with children should pay attention to safety and place the electric fan in a place that is not easy for children to reach.
8. Do not leave the knob between the two gears.
9. If abnormal noise or vibration occurs during use, stop maintenance immediately.
10. If there is a burnt smell during use, the power supply should be disconnected and sent for repair immediately to avoid greater failure.